About The Company

About our company, Hewis & Selby Supplements

We’re a new company that opened in 2016. We currently just have our one turmeric supplement, and don’t plan on any massive expansions any time soon. We’re going to stick with turmeric and keep improving this supplement until it can’t get any better.

Most supplement companies today are just out there to make money, and they’ll sell any supplement that sells, regardless of whether or not that supplement has any effect on its consumers.

That’s not what we’re going to do.

At Hewis & Selby Supplements, we will only roll out products that help our customers. We want to see those glowing testimonials and reviews of people’s lives being changed. Like Amazon and Zappos, we want to be known for our great products and freakishly good customer service. We want people to see Hewis & Selby Supplements as a brand they can trust.

In case you were wondering, I, Tariq Zaman, am the founder. Bob Hewis and John Selby are my inspiration for this company. They are two of my biggest mentors in life, and serve an advisory role in the company. Bob Hewis is a retired teacher and artist. He owned a publishing company in the 1990’s, and advises me on how to run the business. John Selby is a chemist and biologist who helps me formulate the safest, most effective supplements.

We’re based in the UK, but currently we’re selling our turmeric supplement in the US. This is because we weren’t able to find a UK manufacturer who would make us a turmeric supplement without artificial additives like magnesium stearate. When it comes to health awareness and living a natural lifestyle, people in the US are a few steps ahead of us folks here in the UK, which is why some US manufacturers have started to find ways to make do without artificial additives, while UK manufacturers are still pumping out supplements with toxic binders, fillers, colorants, and the like.

What’s in the pipeline for Hewis & Selby Supplements?

Once we’ve perfected our turmeric supplement, we’ll be exploring other supplements that have made a difference in people’s lives, and then approaching manufacturers to try and come up with better, more potent versions of those supplements that are free of harmful artificial additives.

We’ll also be looking to go Global, first bringing our supplements to the UK, then reaching out to Canada, Europe, Australia, India, and other countries. We will continue to expand our operations in the US, since the demand for good 100% natural supplements in the US is higher than anywhere else we’ve seen.